Inverted Morphologies

a workshop exploring natural forces as form-finding process

In their book ‘The Parsimonious Universe’ Hildebrandt and Tromba describe some of the principles underlying the shape of natural forms. One of the key conclusions is that nature often follows a path of minimal effort to find an equilibrium of required energy, material use and performance.

Within this workshop we explored the potential of using water, gravity, heat, air and other natural forces as tools to mould sinuous surfaces and forms from a biodegradable polyester named Polycaprolactone. 

PCL, also known as Polymorph is hard and tough when cold but thermally deforms once heated above 60°C. Additionally we added thermochromic pigments to enhance the appearance and properties of the material. Navigating our materiality on the narrow path between chance and control we studied questions of scale, continuity and inversion.

Dessau International Architecture Graduate School

Adames Victoria, Alvarado Ana Paola, Chan Charlene Huishan, Chin Yan Jun, Chung Chien Yin, Ciepelinski Daniel, Dausilio Giorgio, Delaney Tang Hui Ying, Diaz Gonzalez Emilio, Garaeva Milyausha, Hauer Chaves Joao Pedro, Keerthna Raveendran, Khaled Hassaan Ahmed Eslam, Khorram Masha, Kong Melissa Kong Wyeng, Kong Kam Lung, Koo David Mei Da, Lai Cheryl Kar Yean, Leong Chee Chung, Loo Man Lok, Lim Meng Yeoow, Loay Mohamed

Christine Baumgartner, Manuel Kretzer


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