Weather Sensible Structure

by Glorimar Irizarry Delgado
28 Apr 2015 / 5003 Views


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Weather [T&RH]
Sensible Structures
Hypertectonic Systems: Experimental Design on Bio Inspired Smart Systems

In tropical climate places where weather seems to be ambiguous, it’s possible to apply this type of structure to parks and places in the open where it’s possible to enjoy the outdoors. This structure could create an active and continuous connection with the open space whenever weather conditions are favorable, then automatically without any energetic input break the outside connection and provide shelter and a visual warn of the following weather change.

At a smaller scale a possible technology design inspired by the species previously mentioned, is a type of automatic “umbrella” which could be applied to city furniture. This reactive element will mechanically respond to specific weather changes such as atmospheric pressure, relative humidity and temperature. Whenever unpleasant or inclement weather conditions develop such as lower atmospheric pressure, high relative humidity and decrease in temperature (typical weather measurement before it rains) the “umbrella” will open to forecast bad weather and offer shelter to the passerby.


Glorimar Irizarry Delgado
Wilfredo Mendez Vazquez, Edlyn Garcia La Torre

Biotectonica Research & Design Studio, School of Architecture at the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico (in collaboration with Casa Pueblo Organization, CienciaPR Organization, and Applied Optimization Group of the University of Puerto Rico), 2014

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