by Natt Phenjati
20 Jan 2014 / 3600 Views


Vitro 2.29/5 (7 votes)

VITRO is a new kind of iPhone battery case with a dynamic tactile surface on its back. The surface, which consists of 23 movable tiles, gives a new form of communication between the iPhone and its owner.

Through the iPhone Notification Center, the user can enable VITRO to react to a notification, and he can choose a distinct movement for different incoming sources like his calendar and social media. Unlike phone vibration, the user can easily tell different types of notification through seeing or feeling the movements of VITRO. The user can also receive notifications by touching it while it is inside his pocket or while it is being held. Moreover, it operates without creating noise, so it suits well for meeting time.
VITRO is perfect for busy business people who need extra batteries for their phones and get notifications all the time. VITRO will save their time by emphasising notifications that are important to them, and it also gives them multiple ways to access information.

The technology behind the movable tiles is Electroactive Polymer or EAP, which is a polymer that changes shape when it gets electrified. This material normally is used to create artificial muscle. It comes in various sizes and functions. VITRO contains 23 sheets of EAP. Each has a size of 1 cm by 1 cm, and it can rise up by 3 mm when 3 Volts are supplied. The movement of these sheets is controlled by a processor that is connected with the iPhone through the phone’s connector. These EAP sheets only take a minimal amount of energy from the extra battery. Most of the energy will be preserved for the iPhone.

For its potential, the tactile surface of VITRO can be used to enhance other iPhone experiences. For utility, it can be use to visualise time tracking processes. For music, it can become a touchable music equaliser. For entertainment, it can be use to simulate movements in video games. These are only a few examples; the possibilities are endless.

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