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    Manuel Kretzer
    Visiting Professor
    Braunschweig University of Art
    Braunschweig, Germany

    How do I submit a post?
    You can find a ‘new post’ link in the menu bar, the sidebar and on your profile page. Your post will be reviewed before it’s published. It’ll then appear on the front page, the respective category, as well as on your profile page. Since it’s much nicer to associate an image with a person please upload a picture to your profile. Please read all info carefully and make sure to stick to the rules. If you post inappropriate content your account might be deactivated without notice.

    How can I edit my post after it has been published?
    Once your post has been released, open it. An edit post button will appear on the left hand side of your post title which allows you to make further adjustments.

    How can I delete my post?
    Posts can only be deleted by an administrator. If you wish to delete a previously published post, get in touch.

    How does my posted project/ tutorial/ material get featured?
    We’re especially interested in featuring works that are related to our field of research. If you have realized a cool project or found an interesting material and can provide some background information or even better if you have a tutorial on how to produce a certain material by oneself, please submit it using the post form. We will review each submission and contact you directly for further information.

    I would like to follow all posts via RSS
    A feed to the platform can be found here:

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