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Building upon a rich experience in working in both academic and professional environments we offer research-driven and process-oriented workshops that foster creative thinking and interdisciplinary collaboration. Due to our continuously growing expertise in novel materials and technologies we can provide for a broad range of interests and quickly adapt our strategy according to situation and context.


Lectures, Presentations, Conferences, Key Notes, Symposiums, Talks, Panels, Crits, Reviews, Interviews, …

Since our knowledge in novel material developments and technological innovation keeps continuously growing we are always interested in presenting our expertise to a broad audience. We offer individual presentations on particular topics or speeches at conferences describing our latest research. Moreover we are proficient in reviewing existing content and providing constructive feedback. We do interviews, lead panels and discussions or join crits and presentations.


Ideation, Tutoring, Coaching, Consultation, Guidance, Exchange, Knowledge Transfer, …

Our design thinking is built upon a ‘Design Through Making’ philosophy, a model that understands design as something that emerges through a process and not as the result of a preconceived idea. We believe that physical experience and hands-on experimentation triggers creative thinking and helps to develop material driven design innovations.


Essays, Papers, Articles, Chapters, Book Contributions, Introductions, Reviews, Monographs, …

As experts in the field of material innovation and new technologies with a specific focus on smart and adaptive materials and with a solid base in design and architecture we have published a number of essays and articles and are regularly contributing to various books on the topic.

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