meditation through frequencies

Frequencies influence frequencies. This natural quality is the gist of HELINA, an intelligent mask for meditation. Over the integrated earphones, the user listens to binaural sounds, which have slightly different frequencies on each ear. Trough this crosstalk, the human brain is stimulated, to vibrate in a calm, relaxing rhythm.

So the user is led into a meditative state to counteract stress, Burn-Out and depression.

In combination with a mobile device and the HELINA app, the mask can play several music sets, guiding the user in different states of mind. After every session, the app gives also out a biofeedback over the played and the user’s brain frequencies, which is possible through an, in the mask integrated, EGG. 

While playing deeper frequencies, where eyes should be closed, the mask’s visor is getting milky. That allows the user an intensive focus on the sound to begin the journey to the subconscious. 

Braunschweig University of Art

Elisa Gassen

Manuel Kretzer, Erich Kruse


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