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At materiability we believe that the most intense learning processes emerge from physical making. Hence our approach focuses on the playful exploration of materials as the very base of any creative process. Understanding how a material works, how it behaves and how it is constructed is key to a holistic material literacy and a prerequisite for cross-disciplinary collaboration. 

Building upon a rich experience in working in both academic and professional environments around the globe we offer research-driven workshops that foster creative thinking and interdisciplinary exchange. Due to our great expertise in novel materials and technologies we can provide for a broad range of situations and contexts.


Essential for understanding what a material is capable of is a setup that allows for unbiased experimentation and exploration. Through physical making within a context where failure is part of the creative process one can arrive at unexpected and surprising conclusions that deviate from the established. 


In order to develop unprecedented material applications it is of great importance to collaborate across the disciplines and learn to speak a common language. Open exchange and playful cooperation in an environment relieved of goal-driven thinking are at the base of all our workshops. 


Speculating about alternative solutions and scenarios has proven to be a viable strategy to explore the future impact of today’s material and technological developments. By building our approach upon current tendencies we are able to imagine future concepts and create results that inspire and provoke.

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