Hydrophobic Pattern

by Selina Reiterer
10 Jan 2016 / 2778 Views


Hydrophobic Pattern 3.75/5 (4 votes)

water-reactive textile print

Project ‘Hydrophobic Pattern’ is an ongoing series of pattern-making through the use of water-repellent coatings for textiles. It explores the fascinating effect of hydrophobic material by redefining a common technology.

Hydrophobic coatings are primarily intended for highly water resistant outdoor textiles and garments. In this case they’re partially applied to achieve a water-repellent and a water-absorbent part. As these substances are not meant to be influencing color and texture of a fabric the coated parts remain invisible in dry state and appear only in contact with liquids. The non-treated parts of the textile get wet and a pattern suddenly becomes visible. As soon as the fabric dries off it will again disappear. The coating can easily be applied through basic textile printing techniques such as silkscreen printing.

The project was realized with chemicals by Erba AG, Zürich Switzerland. Thanks for generous material supply and support.


Selina Reiterer
Chair for Computer Aided Architectural Design, ETH-Zürich, 2015