The Bartlett, UCL
London, UK
Taehyun Terry Lee

Taehyun Terry Lee is an architect based in London, UK and Seoul, South Korea. He is investigating advanced architectural design which merges the potential of digital simulation and new modes of fabrication and materiality. Throughout studies at BiotA Lab of the Bartlett, he had been exploring new green architectural design methods that interact with the growing environmental problems. His main interest is the relationship between Nature and Architecture. He pursues to create alternative strategies for 'Green architecture' and 'Sustainable architecture' as a new architectural design methodology. He is interested in natural phenomena, especially biological morphogenesis, which is applied to generate architectural design. He currently explores biological growing system to create living forms which is responding by environmental condition. During his master's degree, he had been developing bio-responsive concrete which species such as algae, lichen and moss can be growing on. He got a master’s degree with distinction award because of outstanding design project at The Bartlett. Taehyun Terry Lee graduated from School of architecture, Kookmin University in Seoul, South Korea, and continued his research at The Bartlett, UCL in London, UK. He had worked various architectural projects from conceptual design phase to construction phase at Design Lab and Architectural Design Division 1 of HAEAHN architecture in South Korea. He worked at mlnp architects. And he is currently working at urban ark architects. He have participated a number of international design projects as a design architect.

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