Textile Engineer
Vila De Prado, Portugal
Nuno Pimenta

My name is Nuno Pimenta, I live and work in Portugal. I have already experience in home textiles, dress shirts and Knits. HereĀ“s a brief resume of my academic life: I finnished my course, Textile Enginering, in the University of Minho, Portugal. There I learn some of the new technologies in the textile area. In my internship in France, in the University of Haute-Alsace, ENSITM, I study piezoelectric sensors. When I start working I work with some of the new fibers that were available in the market, like Seacell. Later I take a post graduation in Design and marketing, in the University of Minho. So, I always look to the future, and search new materials and new projects that i think that will be interesting.

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