Architect, Designer, Researcher
Chair For CAAD, ETH Zürich
Zurich, Switzerland
Evangelos Pantazis

Topotheque design office was founded in New York in 2006, by Evangelos and Iasonas Pantazis and engages in a broad spectrum of activities with a main focus on design in its various expressions, including Architecture and Industrial design as well as graphic and plastic arts. The multidisciplinary character of the studio is established to some extent on the belief that these activities function as communicative vessels where balance is updated through a constant feedback loop. Furthermore it appends to a certain type of lifestyle that tries to think internationally and act multi-locally, in a continuous search of higher values that shape the buildings we live in, the objects we use in our daily lives, the ideas we communicate, the works that stimulate. In this context, the study objective of Topotheque lies in distilling these values within the design process through the use of novel means and the extensive experimentation on the relationship between the inanimate design parameters and the actual materialization of the final object which could refer to a building, a piece of furniture, an illustration, or an installation. All of these attempts compose a peculiar index, an archive of “sites”, extending beyond the spatial substance of a design office, placing its practice within the hyper-local framework of the contemporary society of networks.

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