PhD Student In Geographical Sciences
University Of Bristol
Bristol, England
Tom Roberts

My current research is based around contemporary theoretical approaches to materialism within the social sciences. I am particularly interested in how experimental engagements with materials, objects and architectures are encouraging us to think in new ways about political ecology. How, for instance, might smart materials encourage us to conceptualise non-living ecologies? And in what ways can these emerging ecologies be thought of as 'political'? My work draws on a number of philosophers in order to explore these questions. At the moment I am particularly fascinated by Alfred North Whitehead's process philosophy and his notion of 'prehension', which provides an exciting tool for thinking about non-organic ecologies. Gilles Deleuze also features heavily in my work, as a writer who conceptualises matter as fundamentally 'vital'. Finally, I am also interested in the work of Felix Guattari, whose concept of the 'machine' presents a radical critique of technological progress. Central to my work is a commitment to theoretical experimentation and philosophical speculation. How can we keep thought mobile in a world whose material changes exceed human intentions?

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