Barcelona, Spain
Tobias Grumstrup Lund Øhrstrøm

Tobias Grumstrup Lund Øhrstrøm An architect and Architectural Engineer with special in advanced parametric/sustainable design and biomaterials. Graduated in 2010 from the Danish Technical University with a degree in Architectural Engineering. From 2009 to 2013 worked as project architect at Tøgern Arkitekter ApS and later from 2013 to 2015 as a freelancer. The main focus of the work in the studio, were preservation and transformation of the existing buildings in the area of Copenhagen. A deep insight in all of the aspects of an project were gained from the first sketches to the final results on the construction site. In 2013 I started on the master of advanced architecture of Catalonia in Barcelona. The master gave me a new mindset on our way to approach sustainable architecture. New tools as rhino/grasshopper and scripting helped me to challenge myself into new concepts and ideas. In my master thesis I were dealing with the biomaterial seagrass. A new interpretation of the ancient technique learned from Læsø turned the material into a sustainable roof structure controlled by an intelligent parametric designed composition of the fibers of the seagrass.

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