IAAC Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain
Moritz Begle

Moritz Begle (born in 1989 in Luzern Switzerland) is an Architect graduated from the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalunya (IAAC) in Barcelona, with a related thesis in the field of “Self-sufficient Buildings“. After graduating from the University of Liechtenstein with a Bachelor Degree in Architecture he has been working for Früh Architects ZT GmbH (Austria) and Hornberger Architects AG (Switzerland), where he was mainly involved in design for housing and creating concepts for public building complexes. At IAAC he was part of the vision “Smartblock 2020” where he developed through the collection of real time data for Mobility Functions and Events, a virtual platform capable of generating an Interactive Agenda that can transform the street into a flexible public space. The Master Thesis project "The Jungle" has been awarded with the INNOVATIVE ENERGY AWARD, proposing a new, adaptable and reactive infrastructure for filtering pollution particles in the city and enhancing air quality. The experiences strengthened the interest in knowledge of cohabitation and communication in public areas and generating in the future Multidimensional Design related to interactive & responsive architecture, housing systems, high rise buildings and industrial design.

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