Scientific Assistant
Kamp-Lintfort, Germany
Adriana Cabrera

I am a scientific assistant at Fab Lab Kamp-Lintfort Germany in the faculty of Communication and Environment at the University of Applied Sciences Rhine Waal. Originally from Colombia, I work in different areas of design, art and interaction. Having a background in Industrial Design, I complemented my studies in MFA Media Art and Design at Bauhaus University Weimar, working with the analysis of materials and surfaces and combining traditional techniques with new technologies. In 2013, I began the studies MA Surface and Textile Design at the school of art Berlin Wei├čensee, focusing on material research, which gave me the possibility to introduce textiles as a medium of communication. I am a graduated and featured student of the FabAcademy 2016 course, in which I developed an orthotic based on an individualised assistive device supporting daily functionalities for a patient with partial paralysis, developed 100% in the fabLab called MyOrthotic. in january 2017 I finalised the Textile academy in the waag society Amsterdam , developing a Library Textile Matter, this collection consist For me, designing and making things is more than just my job, it is a philosophy. I have worked in the Fab Lab Kamp Lintfort from its beginning and, where I have also implemented a section for textiles. The Fab Lab is a wonderful space, that permits me to work with different techniques and materials combining not only the new processes in rapid prototype but also, the diverse experiences through the interaction of different communities. I feel very fortunate for having this experience in this creative place. I am both consciously and unconsciously influenced by the traditional Colombian culture. Since I started my professional studies in Colombia, I have had a huge interest in integrating the work undertaken by the indigenous groups of the country. The use of local materials and manufacturing processes offer many possibilities to produce diverse ideas and products.Today, I have the possibility to integrate this tradition of materials and techniques with digital fabrication. My interest and motivation is to continue the research in the field of embodiment interaction combining the expertise in architecture, design and rapid production in the area of smart textiles.

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